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Integrate Wi-Fi authentication with your existing property management system


The WuFi Gateway is a managed internet gateway for the hospitality industry. Our product leverages existing PMS (Property Management Systems) of hotels, motels, and extended stays to provide guests with a secure and easy internet experience. The WuFi Gateway is capable of handling thousands of concurrent connections while protecting you and your guests.

  • access control

    Only your guests can access your Wi-Fi. Guests connect to Wi-Fi by entering a combination of room number, last name, or folio number. The WuFi Gateway connects to your Property Management System to verify the credentials and only allows authorized guests to access the internet.

  • p2p blocking

    P2P blocking prevents abuse. The WuFi Gateway monitors internet traffic going across your Wi-Fi network. Bittorrent, eDonkey, or any P2P protocol traffic will immediately be blocked and the user's connection will be suspended preventing possible copyright violations.

  • per-room device limit

    Allow only a certain number of devices per room to connect to the internet concurrently. The WuFi Gateway automatically disconnects prior logins when the limit exceeded.

  • quality of service

    Reserve bandwidth for your internal network. Your guests internet usage will never cause a slowdown at the front desk or your office.

  • site blocking

    Manage custom block lists for illegal or undesired websites via your Property Management System.

  • Bandwidth Control

    The WuFi Gateway allows you to set bandwidth limits per connected device. Never again will a single abusive user affect other guests internet experience.

  • Full featured firewall

    The WuFi Gateway can share the same internet connection between you and your guests. The built-in firewall protects your office network by segregating the guest network from the office network.

  • notification

    Receive notifications whenever there is a problem with your internet connection or a Wi-Fi access point. The WuFi Gateway keeps you informed.


  • Wi-Fi Survey

    A professional Wi-Fi survey by WuFi will show you the best placement for access points and identify any potential issues. It gives you the information needed to obtain the maximum Wi-Fi coverage using the minimum number of access points saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars in the process.

  • Design

    WuFi provides a complete Wi-Fi and network design service to accommodate the increasing demand of high speed Wi-Fi service. It doesn't matter if you only want to increase the existing Wi-Fi coverage or redesign the whole network, engineers from WuFi are here to help.

  • Installation

    Wi-Fi access points are only part of the picture. Wireless networks rely on a solid wired network to support high speed connections. Our engineers are experienced in handling multi-story and multiple building network layouts. You can trust our experts to deploy the highest standard of infrastructure and equipment.


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WuFi provides Wi-Fi network integration with Property Management Systems for the hospitality industry.


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